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아이폰7 솔직 사용후기




아이폰7 레알 솔직 사용후기/리뷰
아이폰7 사용후기!
언박싱 이후로 일주일간 사용해본 아이폰7의 진솔하고 솔직한 후기를 들어보자.

한달 남짓이면 한국에도 들어온다는 아이폰7. 쓸만한가? 사야할까? 성능/기능은 정말 광고한대로 뛰어난가? 아이폰6유저, 아이폰7로 넘어와야 할까? 바람소리 정말 나는건가? 터지지는 않나?
궁금한 모든 것을 한 영상에 담은 신상 아이폰7의 솔직후기 및 리뷰!
iPhone7 100% Honest Review
J-Rex has used his iPhone7 over a week, and will let you know how really good or bad it is! We have heard of some issues over the past week over the idea about the new iPhone having issues and problems with waterproof, wind sound, etc. Did that happen to J-Rex? Should people really buy iPhone7? Does it work properly? Should people upgrade from iPhone6 to iPhone7? Is iPhone really that great as they have advertised?
J-Rex will answer all these questions in this video!


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